University of Human Development is the Top of the private universities of Iraq in webometrics Ranking

University of Human Development is the Top of the private universities of Iraq in webometrics Ranking

2017-07-28 (Friday) [ University of Human Development ]

University of Human Development continues to progress day by day as a private university in Kurdistan Region. This progress is reflected both inside and abroad the country. After that the university has been named the top amongst the private universities for two consecutive years according to national ranking for Kurdistan universities, this progress continues internationally and according to the latest ranking of Webometrics that was announced on July 28, 2017, for the universities around the world, University of Human Development took a giant leap on the international level. According to this ranking, University of Human Development comes at the top of the private universities in Iraq and Kurdistan Region, and the fifth university amongst the private and public universities of Kurdistan, and fourteenth amongst the public and private universities. 
In a statement for UHD's official websites, professor Dr. Mariwan Ahmed Rasheed, President of UHD, said: "I would like to congratulate the university's concessionaire, professor Dr. Ali Qaradaghi, who supported and worked tirelessly in the way of getting this achievement ever since the establishment of our university. I would also like to thank all the members of Board of Trustees, heads of departments, all the teachers, employees and students who are all behind this success."
The president continued and said: "Despite the success I would anniversary is at the 7922 position amongst the universities around the world, compared to last year in which we were at 19100 position, and at the beginning of this year we moved to 11365 position. Our achievement now shows the truth that our development aims to serve our society.
Webometrics is the biggest international website which carries out evaluations for all the universities around the world twice a year via an evaluating committee from Spain, sauce to encourage do universities.
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