Cejnî Qurban (Sacrifice Feast) Greetings

Cejnî Qurban (Sacrifice Feast) Greetings

2017-09-01 (Friday) [ University of Human Development ]

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On the occasion of the coming festivities of Cejnî Qurban (Sacrifice Feast), which is a symbol of sacrifice and  self-denial, and on the behalf of the Presidency of the Univeristy of Human Development we dedicate our sincerest congratulations to all the faculty staff, students, university emplyees, our valiant Pêşmerge, the families of the martyrs's, and all the Kurdish nation. We pray to God this feast would bring peace of mind and prosperity to all.  We also wish that the entire Kurdish nation filfill their right once and for all to make the happiest feast of all times.
Once again, may all be in joy and felicity
Prof. Dr. Mariwan Ahmed Rashee
President of the University of Human Development
September 1st, 2017