A Notification from College of Languages

A Notification from College of Languages

2017-06-19 (Monday) [ College of Language ]

All the 2016-2017 first trial examination papers have been checked, and we hereby notify our students that the results will come out very soon, in this way:

1. The results of the first grade first trial examinations will be announced before Ramadan Eid. (We will notify you about the time and the place very soon)

2. Second ,third and fourth grade students will receive their results after being notified about the time, the place and the mechanism.

3. Students have 48 hours to submit an objection paper after receiving their results.

4. The students who failed to receive their online feedback from UHD's electronic system will not have the right to get their results.

5. Students who have not completed their acquittance papers, cannot receive their results until they deliver the acquittance papers to the heads of their departments.

We wish you a peaceful holiday Deanship of College of Languages University of Human Development

June 19, 2017