Professor Dr. Ali Qaradaghi: gives an Islamic financial course

Professor Dr. Ali Qaradaghi: gives an Islamic financial course

2017-01-01 (Sunday) [ University of Human Development ]

Professor Dr. Ali Qaradaghi, UHD's concessionaire, head of International Union of Muslim Scholars, Vice President of European Committee for Advisory Opinion and research, and head of several Arabic and international lawful body.
Professor Dr. Ali Qaradaghi will open a course concerning islamic financial and banking for the students who wish to learn about the Islamic financial.
About the course, the professor stated that it was opens up on the request of a group of students who were studying lawful science or were employees Islamic banks and other similar establishments. The course Ames to develop scholars in the field of Islamic financial in banking by concentrating on the lawful and practical standards. The professor further stated that a 12 edition book will be used as the curriculum of the course which is copied by Qatar's Ministry of Endowment at Doha. The course will depend on the books which are regarded as encyclopedic sources for the Islamic financial and make a comparison between the latter and the modern economic methods.
In the course, theories of economic will be discussed as well as the economic activities that are based on them. an introduction will be discussed about financial, ownership and basics of Islamic banking and how they are dealt with in the establishments. The course will also include the types of insurances in sense of health and guarantees. Moreover, modern Islamic charity "zakat" and companies shares.
The course will be held at Dr. Ali Qaradaghi's library at 8 to 10 am. Last week the first session was carried out. Certifications will be given to participants according to the number of hours of attendance.