University of Human Development : University of Human Development and Iraq 21 Success Network Hold a Meeting

University of Human Development and Iraq 21 Success Network Hold a Meeting

On March 9,2017, president of University of Human Development, professor Dr. Mariwan Ahmed Rasheed, hosted a delegation from Iraq 21 Success Network who were led by Dr. Leith Kubba. The meeting was also attended by UHD's board members.
In the beginning of the meeting, the president welcomed the delegation and declared that UHD has always aimed to and will always aim to cooperate to carry out programs that will benefit the youth in sense of developing their skills and knowledge.
In return, Dr. Leith thanked the presidency for their cooperation with their organization. He especially mentioned UHD's collaboration during last year's campaign in which they prepared for a program for 200 youngsters all around Iraq.

Afterwards, a meeting between UHD's board of trustees and the latter organization was held during which they discussed their mutual future plans to develop the skills of their students.

Later on, the president promised that their university will look thoroughly into the programs of the latter organization and will work on all the aspects of the mutual plan during the coming months, so that they will be able to carry out the plans practically.

In the end of the meeting, president of University of Human Development offered the university's gift to the head of the delegation and the administrative director. In return, the delegation members thanked the university and wished for their relationship and cooperation to continue.