University of Human Development : Facts & history

Facts & history

Facts & history

The University of Human Development is a non-profit national university founded by Professor Dr.Ali Muhealdin Qaradaghi in 2008. The university is under the supervision of The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Kurdistan,Iraq. Its certificate is recognized by the latter ministry.

The University of Human Development is a national university licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education of Kurdistan Region according to law no. (19211/3). It was established back in 16th of December 2008.

This university started its academic study in 2008-2009 with three colleges that contained four departments. The departments are: The Department of Law and The Department of Political Science, both belonging to The College of Law and Politics. Department of Computer in College of Science and Technology and Department of English in The College of Languages. In the first year, 379 students started their academic study in this university.

In (2009-2010) two more departments opened doors for students. Arabic Department in College of Languages and Department of Banking and Financial Science in College of Administration and Economics. Now the university contains four colleges and six departments.

The incomes of the UHD:

All the incomes of the university, either from its students or others, go back to the university itself and its development only.

This university refuses any economical interest. The sum of the money paid by the students for their academic study will be spent on the services of educational process in the university and not the concessionaire.

The goals of the UHD:

1. Global leadership in the field of science and technology as well as serving society.

In short, the leadership of the University, creativity of the students, management excellence, community development, and progress of the nation is at the heart of the desired goals.

2. Creating a sort of mentality that always looks forward to building and not destroying, progressing and not regressing, civilizing and not demolishing, and reforming instead of corrupting.

3. The advancement of society through the promotion of the individuals, make every effort to turn the university into an active establishment that serves the society and provide it with its necessity, needs For the of scientific, technical and economical advancement.

4. Developing the skills of the students and encouraging them to enter the world of creativity and innovation in thinking. Moreover, turning their energy into working as well as practicing materials.

5. Getting the best out of the both genders, supplying them with modern technology, renewable science. Furthermore, getting benefit from every useful old thing and every new thing that may come handy so that they would be able to build, create and keep up with the up to date life.

6. Improve students psychologically, intellectually, socially, scientifically, technically, literally, professionally, and linguistically.

7. The university is also planning to cooperate with all of the scientific and occupational institutions inside Iraq and get benefit of the universities and research centers abroad in order to emerge as an example to be followed.

The university's core values:

The University of Human Development seeks achieving its goals through the following core values:

1. social and moral obligation:

The University is committed to social and moral commitment on the highest level through teachings of our religion, and all the humanitarian ideals.

2. the environment and scientific application:

The University is committed to securing an educational environment for the students that encourages progressive thinking, controls modern technology, Pays attention to the practical side for each specialty.

3. Quality:

The university is committed to the high-level scientific and educational standards, always seeking to develop the educational process, scientific research, and serving the community.

4. Creativity and perfection:

The university would do everything possible to achieve creativity and will sponsor it. It, also, supports the renewal in its march towards scientific excellence, and is also trying to instill a better culture, proficiency, good achievement, as well as development of skills, capacity and supporting talents.

5. Serving the society:

The university seeks to consolidate its relationships with the society and its institutions. It emphasizes on serving, developing and supporting it with the knowledge and works on its happiness.

6. Global and humanitarian vision

The university relies the global dimensions that will help carry out its mission, which is reflected in the respect of other and their different cultures. The human dimension is mostly reflected in the service of man in terms they are human beings. Also, the environmental dimension in which human beings live and from which they were created and to which they return, hence they have the obligation to take a good care of it.

7. Academic freedom:

The university encourages openness, dialogue, and emphasizes on justice, equity, and academic freedom.

8. Symbol and mutual cooperation:

The university seeks to inculcate the values of teamwork, tolerance, and influence by symbols.

9. Adopting diverse and various education curriculum:

The university adopts various education curriculum by encouraging graduates to complete scholarship, continue training and everlasting rehabilitation.

10. The company and communication with civil society, government, and international institutions to achieve its goals and missions:

The university seeks to achieve cooperation, communication and partnership with civil society governmental and international institutions to achieve its goals and missions.

11. Institutional accountability:

The sense of corporate responsibility and accountability are essential conditions for achieving the goals and missions of the university.