University of Human Development : Message, Mission & Vision

Message, Mission & Vision

The message of the university:

The message of the university implies the satisfaction of the region's educational, cultural, and technical requirements within the framework of higher values, commitment to the human development, and improvement of the learning processes and scientific research.

The mission of the university

The university's mission is to meet the requirements of educational, cultural and technical areas within the frameworks of the highest values, commitment to human development, and the development of education and scientific research cooperation with all scientific and professional institutions in Iraq. Besides, the university aims to get benefit from foreign universities and institutions so that it will become an exemplary university and a scientific reference in the institutional accreditation.The mission of the university: is to upgrade the level of human beings and develop their skills.

The vision of the university:

The university has to be the leader in teaching and scientific research, human developing, evolving humans' components so that they could be creative, progressive and able to spread happiness everywhere.