A supreme delegation of university of Human Development which comprised of professor Dr. Mariwan Ahmed Rasheed, president of UHD, alongside both of his assistants: professor assistant Dr. Hiwa Qaradaghi and professor Dr. Anwer Muhammed Faraj, participated in the third meeting of the board of international universities in Turkey. The occasion started from March 3rd and continued until March 6th, 2017. During this conference, which was attended by representatives of universities from Asia, Europe and Africa, as well as a number of universities from Iraq and Kurdistan Region. The conference mainly focused on the current circumstances of studying in the latter countries and how to improve them. The attendance also decided to develop their academic relationships and cooperate with each other. In a speech which he gave to the members of the International Universities Board, president of University of Human Development discussed the situation of studying in Kurdistan Region and stated that UHD, as one of the most prominent private universities in the region, is willing to cooperate both academically and scientifically with other universities in this board. During the conference also, a new board was elected and president of UHD was assigned as a member of the scientific and academic committee for 2017. Throughout the days of the conference, the delegation of UHD held many forums with the university members. Similarly, the president of UHD were interviewed several times by the press concerning the conference and its outcomes.