UHD's directorate of Quality Assurance announced the outcomes of 2015/2016 education year during a meeting which was supervised by professor Dr. Mariwan Ahmed Rasheed, president of University of Human Development, and other members of university board.
In the beginning of the meeting which was held at UHD's campus 2, professor Dr. Mariwan Ahmed Rasheed gave a speech and stated that University of Human Development has always paid a great attention to the quality of teaching ever since the establishment of the university. Moreover, UHD always wanted its teachers to be on par with the standards of teaching.

The president further stated that professor Dr. Ali Qaradaghi, university concessionaire, instructed them to be on an advanced level. The president said that professor Dr. Ali has always aimed for the university, the teachers and the scholars at UHD to keep up with the up-to-date knowledge and never to be disconnected of it. Therefore , the presidency will support the staff and teachers for the latter purpose in order to serve our students in the best way possible.

Afterwards, director of Quality Assurance, Dr. Aso Muhammed Darwesh clarified the standards by which teachers are evaluated and presented all the data in full details. The Quality Assurance director also provided the attendants with necessary information concerning the classifications of the teachers according to their activities throughout the year.

In the end, professor assistant Anwar Muhammed Faraj, president assistant for scientific affairs, revealed the names and of successful teachers in all colleges. The successful teachers were given certificates and rewards by the president for their hard works during last year's campaign.