On February 23, 2017, Professor Mariwan Ahmed Rasheed Ph.D, president of University of Human Development, welcomed Dr. Yussif Goran, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The aim of the visit was to participate in a symposium, held by UHD, about the future of politics in Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

The symposium was organized by the Development Center for Research and Training at UHD along with the Future Investigation Center. It consisted of two panels. In the first panel, both Dr. Yussif Goran, the Higher Education Minister, and assistant professor Anwer Muhammed Faraj, president's assistant for scientific affairs at UHD, participated and it was supervised by assistant professor Zana Rauf Ph.D. The latter participants focused on the crises that have become an obstacle in Kurdistan Region and deliberated on means to solving them.

In the second panel, both assistant professors Dr. Omed Rafiq and Dr. Kan'an Hama-gharib participated and it was led by Dr. Zmkan Ali. Both sides talked about the political crisis in both Kurdistan and Iraq, as well as the results and effects of it. Moreover, the future of the political situation in Iraq, and the changes, were parts of this debate.

By the end of each panel discussion, the audience cooperated and enriched the symposium with their comments and questions.

The symposium of Iraq's future policy was attended by numerous teachers and figures from all the universities in Slemani. At the end of this occasion, The Higher Education Minister also answered the questions of the journalists.