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Award ceremony was held for officers participated in quality assurance management course


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A certificate award ceremony was held for the government officers who participated in an intensive course programme opened by the Development Centre for Research and Training (DCRT) at the University of Human Development (UHD). The course was on quality assurance management for government agencies of the Interior Ministry in Sulaymaniyah Governorate. It consisted of five workshops about the principles of total quality assurance, overseeing, planning strategies and techniques of improvement. They were delivered by specialist teachers at UHD in the period of 10 days, 13-23 February 2022.  

The first workshop was delivered by Mr Farooq Hussain, Director of UHD Quality Assurance. It focused on benchmarking and brainstorming; using Pareto Charts; and developing smart goals for quality assurance. The second workshop was by Dr Amjad Abdullah. It highlighted the basic principles and stages of development of total quality management and explained the differences between quality control, quality management and quality assurance; and between traditional management and total quality management. The third workshop was delivered by Mr Nistiman Othman. It focused on the importance of leadership in the success of total quality management; the main tasks of the quality committee or council; having a system in place for rewards, incentives and appreciation; and participation of employees in the improvement of the process. The fourth workshop was delivered by Mr Yusuf Ubaid. It discussed the stages of strategic planning and its characteristics; mission, vision and values of institutions or organisations; and executive planning and strategic analysis. The fifth and final workshop was delivered by Mr Faraidoon Muhammad. The focus was on the international organisation for standardization; iso 2000/9000 standards, its stages, requirements and factors of its success; and the relationship of iso 2000/9000 to total quality management.

In the closing ceremony held today, the UHD President Prof. Dr Mariwan Ahmed Rasheed cited the important role the officers belonging to the Interior Ministry have in the protection and organisation of society and he said that his university sees it as its duty to support the agencies of the government and it will do what it can in that regard. And the UHD President Assistant for Scientific Affairs and Head of DCRT Prof. Dr Anwar Muhammad Faraj thanked the UHD Presidency for its continuous support and all those who had made this course successful. For his side, the representative of the Interior Ministry to the course and director of the Moral Guidance and Counselling Office in Sulaymaniyah Brigadier Ari Ma’ruf Galali thanked the UHD for being very responsive to their needs at any time.

The UHD President awarded participation certificates to the course participants and presented the UHD glass plaque to Brigadier Galali who in turn presented certificates of appreciation to the teachers of the course.

UHD has had opened many training and educational courses for government agencies as part of its strategy to contribute to the development of society. This course, in particular, was to introduce and elaborate on the latest methods and techniques that can be used for improving administration and management, consequently a better and faster delivery of services to citizens and residents can be achieved. Officers from the following government agencies took part in the course:

Court of Internal Security Forces, Directorate of Police College, Bureau of Defence and Emergency PeshmergaSulaymaniyah Police DirectorateSulaymaniyah Traffic Directorate, Sulaymaniyah National Identity CardSulaymaniyah Passport Directorate, Directorate of Residency - Sulaymaniyah Governorate, Directorate of Information Bureau of Sulaymaniyah, Directorate of Sulaymaniyah Forest Police and Environment, Sulaymaniyah Directorate of Combating Violence Against Women and Family, Directorate of Civil Defence – Sulaymaniyah, Directorate of Sulaymaniyah Electricity Police, Directorate of the Police for Training and Rehabilitation, and Sulaymaniyah Coordination Centre. 

For further infohttps://uhd.edu.iq/News/Detail/228