Students achieve another success in Huawei ICT Competition, this time in Bahrain


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Huawei Information and Communication Technology (ICT) took its competition 2023-2024 to another level and held it in Bahrain on 19th December and the result was announced today, 21st December 2023. Participants in this round were coming from the Middle East and Central Asian countries. They were the winners of the previous rounds in their own countries.

The competition in Bahrain was held for three areas; Computing, Cloud and Networking. Several students were representing Iraq but on top were students from the University of Human Development (UHD). Four UHD College of Science and Technology students managed to win the Computing and Cloud contests. Dr Kanaan Michael, a lecturer at this college, accompanied the students and worked as their supervisor.

This was the third round of the Huawei ICT Competition 2023-2024. The UHD winners came out victorious in the previous two rounds held in Iraq. Click here for our news reports about the first and second rounds of the competition on 9th November and 22nd November 2023 respectively.

The UHD President Prof. Dr Mariwan Ahmed Rasheed took this opportunity to congratulate the students and thank the lecturers at the Science and Technology College for their magnificent efforts and said that this victory shows that teaching at UHD corresponds to the requirements of the modern age.

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